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Art 9.1 length 30 x diam. 14 cm
Art 9.2 length 35 x diam.16 cm
Art 9.3 length 40-45 x diam. 18-20 cm
Art 9.4 length 50-60 x diam.20-25 cm
Art 9.5 length 65-70 x diam.20-25 cm
Art 9.6 length 75-80 x diam. 20-25 cm
Art 9.7 length 85-90 x diam. 20-25 cm


One of the most spectacular seats we have ever upholstered and displayed in our showroom. It now belongs to a Parisian private collection. It is said that the very first dormeuse was made in Ancient Egypt with small palm sticks bound together with cords. This one was made in Venice by Tapezzeria Alessandro Gaggio.

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