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Emma Gaggio Venetian Art Fabrics

While growing up amongst her father’s fabrics, Emma Gaggio would invent her own designs using old wooden printing blocks, creating patterns on paper and later on a particular mixture of silk and viscose that allowed the cloth to be stretched tight on a board for printing. As her business grew, she devised a machine that could facilitate the process that in any case required two artisans to apply colours by hand before the printing blocks were impressed on the fabric, a job requiring a good eye, dexterity and timing.

Despite using a maximum of just three colours, Emma Gaggio is able to combine them in a way that gradient creating a vibrancy in even the smallest details of a design.

Given the success of her fabrics – used by great French and Italian fashion designers – she developed her own line of clothing, accessories and upholstery.

A limited number of exclusive bags, stoles, jackets and cushions – all made by hand in Italy – are available from this website.

Emma Gaggio - Venetian Luxury Fabrics

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